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I am Mr. Sharma from Jalana , I was facing the problem of obesity since 5-6 years before the bariatric surgery has done. My weight was 138kg when have under gone bariatric surgery. Before undergoing bariatric surgery I had problem of diabetes, hypertension and I had undergone angioplasty too. I was having approximately 14 tablets at a time .I have almost tried everything to reduce weight like, diet , exercise, some powders too but I couldn’t reduce my weight at all, then after my family doctor suggested me to think of bariatric surgery and he suggest me to meet Dr. Dhorepatil sir. I consulted Dr Dhorepatil sir .

Dr. Dhorepatil sir has counseled me so nicely that my fear about the surgery had gone away and I have decided to undergo the surgery .My life after surgery is so healthy that my 14 tablets are stopped now and my stamina in work is increased so much. My weight now is 80kg and I am really thankful to Dr. Dhorepatil sir to change my life.